How does it work?

El Capitalo is a platform focused on users from all over the world

Earn on Investment / Earn on Referrals System

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Deposit system and payouts

Transparency wealth management

Using the blockchain system, each participant can observe everything happening in the El Capitalo platform - it gives openness and transparency to the system and El Capitalo participants while remaining confidential.

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    One participant can only have one registration on the El Capitalo platform, where they can make a financial deposit by purchasing an internal CAB coin

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    One participant can't make a financial deposit of more than 100 coins

  • Only persons 18 years Icon

    Only persons 18 years of age or older can participate

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CAB coin

CAB - El Capitalo internal built-in coin

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Pegged to the USDT (TRC-20) stablecoin blockchain

USDT equals the US dollar
1 USDT = 1 USD

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Rate increase 1% per week

Interest capitalize every week
Thus 100% profit is achieved in 70 weeks (the coin rate doubles)

Internal cycle Icon

Internal cycle 70 weeks

This is the point where the coin rate doubles
Coin rate returns to the original rate (100) and each coin on your balance is divided into two (but at the initial rate).

The longer the investment, the bigger the payout

The most profitable investment:
CAB coin has WEEKLY COMPOUNDING (interest capitalize every week)

Rate per annum

  • 52%

  • 66%

Profit achieved

  • 100 weeks

  • 70 weeks

Profit 5 years = 1 316 % / Profit 10 years = 17 490 %

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Basic rules and conditions of working with the coin

Each participant can buy no more than 100 CAB coins

The payout date for the CAB Coin may not be set earlier than the 5th week

El Capitalo holds every CAB coin for a minimum of 4 weeks from the date of purchase

You can only redeem 5 CAB coins for the selected week

If a participant has purchased 10 CAB coins, the payout must be distributed as 5 CAB coins per week over two weeks or randomly. It is also possible to spread the 10 coins across 10 weeks each, not consecutively. You cannot set more than 25% of your total coin pool to a payout in one week

CAB Coin payout

Is the week in which the El Capitalo platform buys back CAB coins from the participant for USDT and transfers USDT funds to the participant’s internal wallet in Personal Account

What to do with received USDT?

  1. Withdraw to your USDT wallet
  2. Buy CAB coins again
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Mission of the El Capitalo platform

Help all participants to achieve their financial goals using a simple and understandable tool


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Financial planning Icon

Reliable financial planning

If you set financial goals for yourself and soon fail

Do you want to buy a new phone?

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Put it in a CAB coin to keep safe and not spend $500 >> 70 weeks = $1000

El Capitalo protects you from the risk yourself

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El Capitalo platform also incentives each participant to use and benefit from a part of their funds rationally, but without having the possibility of quick liquidity